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Month: December, 2015

you are dusk. you take my breath away, and you disappear and leave me the velvet night and rainbow stars.


my biggest fear is that i will cease to believe in love, kindness, courage and honor. i hope that my belief grows as the universe does, vast and never ending. and that no matter how many rejections i face and if i am never found, i will still believe.

as much my heart wants you, i am glad i have a sound enough mind too not want you. but if you ever did want me, i would let go and let my heart run wild.


poems i write and pictures i paint,

stories i tell and places i acquaint,

songs that i sing and thoughts that it brings,

you use to be my most favourite thing.


stone cold, stone cold
you see me standing, but i’m dying on the floor
stone cold, stone cold
maybe if i don’t cry, i won’t feel anymore

stone cold, baby
god knows i tried to feel
happy for you
know that i am, even if i
can’t understand, i’ll take the pain
give me the truth, me and my heart
we’ll make it through
if happy is her, i’m happy for you

stone cold, stone cold
you’re dancing with her, while i’m staring at my phone
stone cold, stone cold
i was your amber, but now she’s your shade of gold

don’t wanna be stone cold, stone
i wish i could mend this but here’s my goodbye
i’m happy for you
know that i am, even if i
can’t understand
if happy is her
i’m happy for you

progress not perfection.

i would like to walk through life with open hands, not close fists.

ah heart, your innate gentleness and openness will be the making of your slow death.