a word said, a sentence undone,

words splayed out and the sentences spun,

these words softly breathed, these sentences rue,

the words and these sentences are laced with you.


and a song sung and memories burn,

a song played and memories return

this song written of memories tainted hues,

this song of memories is laced with you.


if there is air in your lungs in this november rain,

know that the moon and sun will shine the same,

as soft and as bright on sinners and saints,

so tell her, tell her in the shadow of me that she is the one,

and the past of us has come softly undone,

under my feet i tread on still silent lakes,

of past quiet passion and for every lovers sake,

and the gift of vibrant heat and lessons of hell,

thank you and i wish you only goodness and to be well.