you thrilled me, willed me, i gave in you filled me,

framed with flames,

metaphysical games,

in the end you killed me.

you strung me with star laced words,

head thrown back, only moonlight heard,

my quiet breath, my beating heart,

wind in my hair and my eyes lark,

and infectious passion breached my soul,

your gentle warmth ripped it out cold,

left me naked, confused, bare, left me stark.

left me empty in dense absolute,

was it all in refute?

was it all staged?

was i another page,

licked tuned and forgotten,

an exhalation?

left me in respite?

for your existential hunger,


did you need to use me to feel,

did you need me to will,

fallacious emotions,

was i reeled?

did i please and entertain?

did i suffice, did i disdain?

your taste, your being,

your appetite, you seeming,

kisses left on my uneven tan,

at the small of my back,

at the nape of my neck.

and time stilled for us and spanned,

night never waned, and came gentle rain,

on skin, naked skin, naked soul, truthful touch,

raw, hushed, quiet, burning cold.

my wild fiery heart calmed,

and sleep adorned,

with your hands intertwined with mine,

my heart a calm storm.