Heart Matters

Hearts are meant to feel joy and hurt, meant to feel more than sometimes you think it can take. The luckier ones feel as if they hold another, a precious privilege, and the less fortunate aches for another, existing or non-existant. The even less fortunate ones hold another but the ache emits two folds of pain because of having but not having, which translates into loneliness.

A heart should be a home. A sanctuary that accepts you at your worst and at your best. It should be unconditional, iridescent in its emotions, good or bad.

We speak of it being unconditional, but in someways, it is understood to be a gray situation. Hearts emotions can be unconditional, it can be conditioned. It is the choice the person makes and takes. It can be an infinite, it can limited.

Betrayal. Cheating. Abuse. Lies.

And the heart is put in a condition and limitation.

Trust. Love. Hope. Adventure.

A few things that makes the heart grow and glow, again, iridescent in its emotions.

I love you. I have found you. My heart is yours. It is glowing, growing and has never ever been so iridescent in its emotions.