Wishes Unanswered

by starkish

for what i am about to write, i would wish for him to read, to feel, to subjugate the fleeting emotions, to leave, to come back.

but no.

as a person who is incredulously fickle, i don’t want for him to read what i have written, only maybe to feel so much of what i feel that it will bring him to his knees, to subjugate nothing, for him never wanting to leave, then he wouldn’t need to have come back.

and things would have probably been a possible wonderful.

of course, that is wholly me subverting the unknown scenarios of a certain future. when you are in like, and sad to say that the shelf-life of my like spans a bit longer than most humans, though i know its not a uniquely isolated case, i have had a few first encounters with situations much worse than i … anyways, i apologize for straying. again, when you are in like …wow.

i totally lost my train of thought right there.

sidenote; i would cry if a guy called me his ‘soliel’, mon soliel.