There Will be a Day

by starkish

Cheers to all the drifting souls,
who have but yet do not,
for those who were left not by choice,
for those who fell uncaught.

For the trust you gave, they threw back at your face,
for the best of you they beat down,
for the promises you made, how lightly they waged,
for your lost heart left unfound.

For their pride that they held,
when it should have been you,
for all the pregnant pauses,
for all the missed cues,
for the anger kept in check,
for the words you held back.

Know this…for all of that.

There will be a day that you will shine,
have warm arms to fall into,
and the days are kind,
your nights are shared,
and someone understands,
and silence isnt so deafening,
and a hand..
that touches your face,
your lips, your eyes,
you know you are safe.

Know this…for all of that,
there will be a day that you will shine.