by starkish

You live your life as if the whole world watches,
As if he watches it too,
When he doesn’t even see let alone give a thought too wonder,
what song you listen too,
he doesn’t care or has a clue,
that you look exceptionally pretty with lipstick on today,
or that you tied your hair up a certain way,
or that you smell,
like your favorite perfume Chanel,
but in the recess of your mind you know,
he cares not to know,
you opt to close your eyes and relive the moments you shared,
of the briefest moments that he was physically there,
of when he cared……
you pay attention to his hands,
and his eyes when they dance,
and his mouth when you say the right things and the wrongs,
did he know this all along?
the moments in the car when he leaned over,
and your heart beat sped,
confused as to whether you should steal a kiss on his warm cheeks but instead,
you missed your chance,
and you let him go,
did he know?
how your heart beat skipped?
maybe he did.
but chose not to know.
But you still go on with life like the whole world watches,
and as if he watches too.
and you hope, maybe he knew.