by starkish

the age of which im currently at has been by far the most emotionally rendering, most unstable, most surprizing. its taking a lot of will power to cope and deal with either really stupid and petty things, or major first time situations which i do not have any precedence of. a lot of swerves. a lot of patience. a lot of backing down. turning away. a lot of lowering my head and saying ‘MOTHER FUC…’ under my breath, then lifting it and vacantly staring at the subject of which has been the catalyst of such profane sentence.

i dont want all of this at the moment. it can also be repharsed as, ‘ i dont want to grow up.’ or it could also read, ‘ i dont want these responsibilities.’ or, ‘ back the fuck off, let me do this my way.’ or, ‘im hungry, i need to get the fuck out of here.’

and many many other interpretations.

and i know, none of this will be over anytime soon.

Help me : * (