Scarves <3

by starkish

Ever since I could remember, I have always had an affinity with scarves. I love them to death. They complete my confidence, not just what I wear. Despite the astounding belief from god-knows-where, that scarves are for old wrinkly people, flight attendants, etc etc I would like to differ in a hundred and one ways by sharing these beautifully choreographed photos by Hermes a while back.

Okay, yeah so its an ad campaign and it looks pretty and perfect. Application to real life situations? It definitely is not impossible : ) I wouldn’t say so if it weren’t so.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a private soiree (thank you TiC !) in Pavilion at the Hermes Boutique where they launched their latest scarf campaign, Jaime Mon Carre.

And this is where I learned to do this and this and this (refer to pictures below), though my technique has yet to be perfected! I definitely dont see any grannies winging this look anywhere anytime soon!

and I’ve a few surprises coming up in my next post soonish : )

so yeah.