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Month: November, 2010


My trip to Japan last summer cannot top any trip I have had so far. I miss it with a longing like rats gnawing from my insides. I feel ultimately blessed forever that one of the top priority to dos in the list of major to dos in life has been checked.


A Thought


a simple being,

ever so present in this life,

have more power than you know.





To crush this little heart.

Fade Into You


The night was dark, the lights were dimmed,

I with him.

He peeled my fort, armor and skin,

I at his whim.

Exposed salted raw, he extended his soul,

I turned cold.

He breached the vicinity a wall I built proud,

reduced to clouds.

His hands touched, light, soft, slow,

my feelings he knows.

I am scared, afraid like never before,

emotions of lore,

are illusions no more.