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Month: September, 2010


On a morning like this,

what reminds me is,

romance still exists,

in this sad soul of mine.

A cold breeze charmed,

escapes unbroken, unharmed,

caresses my open palms,

I touch your beautiful face.


Perverse the Opposite

I have somehow¬†successfully¬†kept this post in drafts for goodness knows how long. And of course shamelessly forgot the origin of the pictures and from what shoot or runway they were from excerpt that I ripped it off from jaknjil. Despite the fact that I pay scant attention to men in fashion (except of course the royals; karl, jason, alexander (rip) etc) but really, who can resist a cross of femininity marginalized on such handsome taut male figures. I’m not focusing on what they are wearing but the aura they envelope. How romantically intriguing the makeup painted on faces yet they are able to retain masculine persona’s at will. Yep, I’m truly enthralled. Truly hypnotized.