A Wedding <3

by starkish

Congratulations Ami & Naz, God bless you both, Insya-Allah.

The wedding was quaint. Please Google the definition, for it is in every sense the embodiment of it. The journey there was without obstacle. Benda baik. Tuhan tak akan bagi susah. Fafa drove us because she has to be in control : ) tee hee, she succumbed on the journey home though. Roe’s a sweet heart, first time to have met her and it was so easy to bond. The food was glorious as kampung food always is. Tapau? Malu you. Met the rest of the people whom are very vanderful. Wish my bestfriend was with me though. The end of the wedding was punctuated with a drive around Ipoh town scouring for thrift shops with Roe, Fa, Eka and Farid Z. Scored a leopard jacket and laced back top ❤

And we drove back home in the rain.