Too Good

by starkish

I’m sitting directly across the South China Sea, listening to the waves and the people, adults and children. The children making more noise than their bigger persons.

I see them haul in fish.

I see them chase each other.

I see them just sitting at the oceans brink.

I see them play ball.

Its calming. So so calming.

I cock my head sideways, I see the world within my visual span … sideways.

I turn 45 degrees to my left and see a tiny piece of the ocean trapped and kids floating with their floats, buckets and spades, splattered specks of rainbows, the remnants of a burst balloon.

Kites litter the sky.

I look up, I see the clouds move like the opening of a Starwars scene, only towards me. The sun is slowly shying away to tomorrow.

I see you walk my way. You stand infront of me and suddenly shadow me over, my heart skips a beat and I feel beautiful.

And you continue to talk to the pretty girl next to you. I get up and walk away.