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Month: January, 2010

The Disparity

Fair hair, fair skin,
how is this a kin,
to the dark of your heart,
and the black of your soul,
arranged and enwrought,
how highly you are sought,
for the depths of not your heart,
but your fair hair and fair skin,
to which is un a kin.


Till Death Do Us Part

Not you boy, Elie Saab Haute Couture S/S 2010 Paris. This is by far the most beautiful ethereal collection I’ve seen so far, it just tugs at the strings of my heart. It reminds me of my first love, my first love letter, my first kiss, my first … we’ll you get the picture. The wraps, the beadings, the sheer chiffons, the prints, it is like a perfect sonnet for a poet like me. It is Love!

This dress (top) is the one I want wear to make a boy fall in love with me with ❤

What about you?

Thank you Sptnikswthart for the Source

My Fervor

Its only Tuesday and the week has tapered into a cyclone of confusing fuck. You get older, fairy tales fade, butterflies die, and your little fantasies are dust. You can easily read people now that you’ve hit 2X (not till May though) but the fallacious part of you non-subconscious mind overrides all rational and your stuck at the same goddamn spot like a fucking stick in the mud. And you use your face, your face, that they will take and read at face value. Cause you know you can. Whats in the head behind the hair, the skin, the skull? What? What? I don’t know either, wouldn’t like to discover, wouldn’t like to know. We’ll just go at face value and proceed. Do we have an agreement?


I guess we do, lets not get charred in the process.