The Box They Put Me In

by starkish

Appropriateness filters are generally lacking in the social standing of the community these days. I’ve been a victim, one too many times and have often left me (if not them) laced in an awkward state that hangs. The stereotyping and labels the general public shove down the throat of others not so subtly leaves a bad after taste and disposition. The first time I walked into an office for my internship, one of the staff scrutinized me before asking me politely “I’m sorry but are you Malay?”

For starters, scrutinizing openly is already rude, the fabricated politeness (which of course I fell for initially) is also rude, and the question with its obvious intent is rude too. But I answered anyway. Then I am mentally fitted into this make believe arbitrary class rule some idiot created in the past history that creates division amongst humanity. I wonder what class category I fall into, according to my heritage, my religion, the color of my skin, etc.