It’s Just There

by starkish

❤ the bed and simplicity

Love the bold colors

Keeping mess in check will be hard

Replicate furniture? c'est impossiblay.

I have not yet (and likely wont) made any grand announcements of finishing school. I believe it may be one of the biggest achievements as of yet, for architecture takes a toll on every fiber of my being, but after mentally accepting that I have made it, it’s just … there. Like a block of wood at a corner you stare at. I dont feel a significant change in my life for now. Maybe after I get out of the state, things might start looking real-er. My bestfriend Kelly and I are looking for a place to stay and a new roomie to crash with us (she has to know how to cook, very important!), but its tough looking for a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 800 sqft apartment at a decent price in the city. A place that the owners have not mutilize with their lame sense of deco and obscure color choice. What do you expect from 2 architecture graduates? I cant wait to move in to where ever this new home may be. It’s the highlight of my life at the moment. And the search goes on.