Subjective Blasphemy

by starkish

I'd prefer it this way

or rock it this way

I was bloghopping yesterday, my brain munching up visual grubs of fashion delectables.Page after page it was sweet, oh, too sweet, sweet sour, oh spicy!  spicy HOT! But one picture had me holding back vomit. A beautiful Christopher Kane Croc T-Shirt blasphemed with hideous cropped jean shorts, overboard accesorizing, bed hair which litteraly looked like she just got out of bed and crazy red lipstick that should have been left for those who can actually pull it off (unfortunately I’m not one of them). I am saddened that such a beautiful piece of artwork has been scandalized as such. A t-shirt with such grandeur should be worn simple. Its already a visual treat by itself, going overboard leaves it a bit too sweet close as to make you hurl. But yeah, fashion …. is subjective. Hence me holding it all in.

Side note, I know I have the CKane Baboon/Gorilla shirt in as well. I know.