Steer Clear and Stay Low?

by starkish

via Blushing Ambition

via The Stylish Wanderer

These are a few of my favourite things!

My laced skort.

I met this stylist a few months back. He had some cute clothes on racks for sale. Me and my bestfriend scoured through them taking the potentials out and weighing the pieces of clothing against our bodies and looking for each others apporval. I’m crazy for skorts and there was this cute skort (skirt+shorts=skort) I had my eye on, but the price was pretty hefty and the waist 2 sizes too large. I closed in on the stylist and asked if he had a smaller one and he replied no, but the one I was holding could fit me. Hmmm, I thought. I told him that I did not like it hanging 0.5 inches above my crotch and that it would be better if I wore it as a highwaisted skort. He told me, “If you want to be in style, you have to dress up to date, and low-waisted is up to date.” That bold statement totally caught us of guard, but then fashion is subjective, still, got me and my bestfriend steering clear from him. The skort? Left it on the rack for another girl to buy.I’ll come back 2 seasons later … maybe.