by starkish

I am this legend unknown to many. How did I become a legend you ask? It started of so innocently during the 3rd year of the 2nd semester. This subject called Topical Studies and this bright eyed girl. This subject of writing and research. This subject she thought would be her forte. For how she loved writing. This subject that titters her on the brinks of hell. And the drama seems to be on repeat for the fourth time. She was such a whore to change advisors every semester. 4 advisors. Who, she boasts, can top that? No one. Meaning only one thing. This legend has taken the subject …. 4 times? Is she stupid? Dense? Crazy? Bored? Even she doesn’t know.  The outcome of the drama this semester has yet to end. Its at its climax, bright eyed girl facing the laptop and typing out her future. Ever so slowly.