The Movies

by starkish

So, we went out last night to catch a movie after a friend of ours gave star reviews. Popcorn in one hand (specifically my friend’s hand which I proceeded to relieve him from) and drink in another (97% mine). We sat in row E 13, 14, 15 smack in the middle. Soon after the trailers came to an end, the Dolby stomp thingummy came on and 3 people at the back seat started to speak so ever audibly. ‘Wow, this is amazing!’ ‘Wow, I really like this, oh wait for this, yeah, nice!’ and etcetra.

A low buzz started to go off in my head. And I waited.

Into the movie, some lines starts to show telling the year and location the scene was in. And OH MY GOD, the fucktard behind me was reading out the god damn lines. Are you fucking kidding me? Never in my life would I have imagined to be blessed (?) to experience a situation such as this with a real live idiot. I am definitely used to the mock laughing and occasional calls but this? This fucking takes the cake.

The buzz in my head gets louder. And I try to concentrate watching the screen. And then … the Chinese kids in front of me start to talk. Not whisper. Talk.

So I gave the seat he was in a good, hard kick making his skull bounce and automatically making him and his friends shut their mouths. Turned around, stared down these three 3 indians, especially the idiot who read out the lines, wished them a Happy Deepavali and for them to shut the fuck up. And continued to watch the movie in deep thought whether I had been racist or not.

Still enjoyed the movie anyway.